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The Coldest War

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

We’ve learned to live in war.

I’ve been waiting for, thinking about, and sometimes praying for the revolution to come. But what if the revolution began so long ago that we’ve just grown accustomed to the everyday vicissitudes of war?

Our country has been locked in a 400-year Revolution. Over 400 years ago, dark bodies became fed up with our situation. We took over slave ships, dove into the icy shark infested waters of the Atlantic, fought bloody battles like Little Big Horn, the Alamo, and the countless other battles and revolutionary acts both known and unknown.

In 2018, that war remains.

Oppressed people are being shot by the state, imprisoned by the state, psychologically terrorized by the state. In the last 70 years, we’ve had a president and countless civil rights leaders assassinated, terrorized and imprisoned for fighting back against state sanctioned violence; not to mention entire movements like the Black Panther Movement, thwarted by murder, sabotage, incarceration, and exile. Uprisings, marches and protests are a way of life. Mass shootings and families being separated by incarceration, detention and children being kidnapped are as common as celebrity relationships and rap beefs.  

Oppressed people are fighting back from all angles, and the state is doubling down on their efforts to maintain power and control. 

Not a rumor of war. Real, tangible, circumstantial war, people 'dying in the streets and getting locked up for their beliefs' war.

So, what if instead of looking to SPARK the next revolution, the goal became to finish what we started; to finish going through the cycle of revolution; the part where we actually become a NEW people?

What if we actually get to choose? 

We can end this if those who believe in freedom acknowledge what it truly is.


And with war, there are usually two outcomes for those who remain; servitude or peace. 

Which will we, the people, choose?

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