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Rev. Edwin Robinson works as a community organizer, political consultant and coalition builder with a focus on organizing Black people and all people of faith to develop life giving policies, elect progressive leaders, and build the civic and revolutionary power of ordinary people like himself. Edwin’s belief in people’s collective power to dismantle systems of oppression led him to organize the Dallas Black Clergy for Safety, Equity and Justice, which brings together north Texas Black pastors who are working at the intersection of faith and justice in their communities. He is co-developing a new effort with Rev. Danielle Ayers, the Black Faith Coalition, which will focus on organizing Black people, through faith communities, to build economic and political power through political education and direct action. The goal of the BFC is to develop the leadership of faithful people to offer life giving alternatives to our communities and society at large. 


Rev. Edwin is currently serving as the Chief Strategy Officer for Faith in TX, a multi faith and multi racial movement for social justice. He is also serving as an adjunct lecturer with City University of New York’s Colin Powell School of Labor and Urban Studies and co-facilitator for the Regional Organizers for Community Change: Leadership, Management, Sustainability and Growth for Southern US Based Social Change Practitioners program. 


A World Changers Guide to Giving a Damn gives a brief glimpse into the perspective, approach and a few of the leaders that ground Edwin in his work. 


How Black Churches Can Change the World gives insight into the sort of strategic and landscape analysis Edwin brings to his work. 

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